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Unlike a normal link page, these sites have carefully selected by us. We find them inspiring and hope you will too.

Sri Prem Baba is a true father of love (prem – love, baba – father).  Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart is a school of wisdom and of conscious love. AlpenRetreat is proud to be a Sachcha mission.

Kriya Yoga is a meditation system based upon a rich and ancient tradition. It has its basis in the breath and the chakras. The system is developed and tested through thousands of years. In Kriya Yoga we experience inner Silence, which is the foundation for peace, happiness and self-realization.

 Indigo Urlaub – Die Urlaubsangebote, die Sie auf dieser Homepage finden, sollen der erste Schritt sein zu dem Leben, das wir Menschen immerzu anstreben: ein richtiges Wohlfühl-Leben!
Anuttara Ashram is a non-registered charitable organization dedicated to teaching the traditional yoga-s of India and Tibet, based on the experience and understanding in it’s vastness.  
The Fasting Path is a space for deep personal and spiritual transformation in this time of global change.  

 Yoga Akademie – Austria. International zertifizierte Lehrgänge in 8 österreichischen Ausbildungszentren  
 Beatrice  B Tomas – is an award winning photographer. Her photography shows people in their manifoldness and simultaneously in their uniqueness.   
Now in its eighth season, Shanti has become a popular retreat destination in Ontario.  

 Rising and falling – Vipassana means seeing through the true nature of reality or Insight into the true nature of reality. It means seeing things as they truely are.  
 Nico has to be one of the top massage therapists ever.He’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client. He continues to learn new massage techniques that make him even more expert in his craft.
livetrue – wirklich leben, dafür steht unser Name. Das Schöne am Yoga ist, dass es genau dabei hilft. Yoga ist einfach, praktisch und unermesslich reich an Weisheit und Tiefe.