Personalized Holidays

The beauty of your personalized yoga holiday at the AlpenRetreat is that you are able to tailor design your holiday, together with our experienced team, to suit your individual needs and wishes. You will benefit highly from the different approaches and the expertise offered by our team of yoga and meditation teachers, who have studied, practiced and taught several styles and traditions of yoga and meditation for many years.

Together we can design a daily program that can work more gently for beginners or go more deeply and intensely for advanced practitioners. If your main goal is to relax, unwind and spend your day discovering the stunning alpine nature surrounding the AlpenRetreat, your program will aim to give you the means to do so. If your aspiration is to go deep, learn more about yoga, meditation and yourself, we will offer you a variety of techniques, theoretical and practical knowledge and the space to aid your process.

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Food is an important part of the experience and of your yoga practice. We cook fresh, wholesome and nutritious vegetarian and vegan food. Eating this way is known to help aid spiritual practice. We also happily adjust to your dietary needs. If you are allergic or intolerant to any foods we will always accommodate this.

At the AlpenRetreat you can choose from a variety of massages & treatments. These can help you to relax, unwind and come back to a state of harmony with yourself.

The house is a very warm and welcoming place that will facilitate you in silence and seclusion if that’s what you’d prefer or will welcome you to joining in with the group of people at the retreat. We feel we have created a family like environment at the AlpenRetreat and although the people are constantly changing in the house, there is a consistently held energy in the community that includes everyone equally. You are coming to a place where you can be exactly how you are. A space to reflect on life and live it therefore more consciously and lively.

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Besides the Yoga and Meditation sessions, your holiday can include trips to visit the abundant beautiful things this region has to offer. Stunning mountain hikes through lush forests and meadows leading you up to the high peaks of the Tyrolean Alps. Leisure walks to the nearby, crystal clear mountain lakes where you can take a refreshing dip or just indulge in the fairy tailish views. Follow the historical roman road “Via Claudia Augusta”  to one of the medieval castles, visit nearby cities for a little culture or enjoy a day at the spa.

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You will find that also in winter there are lots of activities available. Located in the “Zugspitzarena” we are only 15min away from 148 kilometers of slopes and 55 ski lifts spread out in many different ski resorts.

We try our best to be very sensitive to all of our guests needs and with a personalized holiday we aim to fulfill this even more so, because this is about you.

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