Beatrice Williams

Beatrice Williams grew up in the beautiful Austrian Alps. During her school days and throughout university she worked as an outdoor guide and in team development training.

From a young age, she had an intuitive sense of a deeper level of life. She studied various esoteric traditions until she discovered yoga in India in 1999.

She participated in an intensive yoga program and during the first 3 weeks of her yoga experience she was able to rid of pain after seven years from a vertebral injury. This strengthened her enthusiasm to share this ancient wisdom with others. She continued her studies in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for several years and later received various initiations and practices from various yoga traditions such as Kriya Yoga, Isha Yoga, Prem Baba and the tantric practices of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar.

Beatrice began teaching yoga in January 2006 and later taught in and managed various yoga centers worldwide, simultaneously implementing her specific skills in team development.  Among other things she now teaches Kriya Hatha Yoga and inspires her students with her contagious dedication and ability to reveal the truth.

Beatrice has a degree in photography and has many years of experience as a self-employed photographer. She has a large collection of pictures from her annual pilgrimages to Asia, beautifully distributed in the AlpenRetreat house. Along with her lifelong love for outdoor sports and nature, Beatrice has brought her wealth of life experience to Austria to create a spiritual home for visitors and family in the Tyrolean Alps.