Elly Eisenbeutl

elly_smith_alpen_retreatElly Eisenbeutl started her spiritual work by training in massage and healing when she was in her late teens, her first Teacher Training in Yoga was with the Sivananada school in Kerala India in 2003.

A year later she found the Agama yoga school where she spent the next 7 years completing the entire 24 level programme and 2 years personal practice, at the same time she taught at the school and then went on to manage the teaching department of the school which at that point had grown to having 100’s of students and a very large number of teachers on Koh Phangan, an Island in Thailand where the main headquarters of the school is. She stayed with this school for quite a long time because she found much of the knowledge and practices very effective, there was always something missing for her, this being more of a heart connection, a connection she had always felt more naturally when she was in India. During the years of studying, teaching and practicing the type of Hatha yoga that Agama teaches, which takes much of it’s inspiration from Kashmir Shaivism, Tibetan Buddhism and the classical yogic texts, she would visit India regularly to receive teachings and be in the presence of enlightened beings including the Dalai Lama, Amma and others. In these years she did many different types of meditation retreats and took initiations for both Yoga and Buddhist practices, some include; Vipassana – Goenka and Chumtong style, Hridaya with Sahajananda, Tushita, Kriya yoga and many others. She would go to Satsangs and look for the most profound and deep practices she could find and visit many spiritually charged places.

In 2010 while on a trip to India she met her Guru Prem Baba in an Ashram in Rishikesh, a place she’d visited for some years. He is a Brazilian Master and for her it was a very clear difference in the connection with him to all the other teachers she has had in her life. In that same year she also went to see Raj Kumar Baswar (known as ‘Guruj’) for the first time, many friends had spoken of the Sadhana and healing work they had done with him but until that point she hadn’t felt the call to meet him. From this time, things began to change very rapidly in Ellys life and in the years since meeting them both there has been a very strong journey of revelation through their work. Since meeting them, there has been no more ‘searching’ for teachers or other techniques, even though she still enjoys to receive other inspirations or experiences from teachers such as Mooji, Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru with a huge gratitude, her path is more clearly marked out with the very different and on-going work with both Prem Baba and Guruj.

From 2012 she has been living at the Alpenretreat and is able to share in many ways the rich and varied influences that have led her on her spiritual journey. The most fulfilling for her is through teaching Yoga, giving massage/healing and helping to lead Bhajan (devotional singing) circles. The whole process of living in this spiritual community is bringing a richness to her life, where she is able to share and learn from the huge variation of people and teachings that pass through this very special place.