200h Meditation- and Yoga teacher training at the AlpenRetreat Tirol (internationally certified– Yoga Alliance)

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12/09/2021 - 10/10/2021 - Arrival starting 4:00 PM, Departure till 12:00 PM

200h Meditation- and Yoga teacher training at the AlpenRetreat Tirol (internationally certified– Yoga Alliance)

Course language: English!

Yoga-Nature-Retreat-AustriaDuring this 4-week, internationally certified, meditation and yoga teacher training course you have the opportunity to dive deep into the matter of Yoga-Alliance-Certified-200h-Yoga-Teacher-Trainingyoga, spirituality, meditation and self-discovery. Become part of a spiritual community that helps you deepen your own practice and discover your consciousness as your true self.

Your own spiritual evolution forms the basis for guiding your future students, not only with in depth theoretical knowledge, but also through the experience of your own practice.

The goal of the training is to get to know the essence of yoga in its classical, traditional form, to integrate it into your own practice and make what you have learned applicable, relevant and inspiring to any audience worldwide.

The well-structured daily program allows participants to put the theory learned directly into action. Daily practice and theory sessions prepare you for your practicum hours, during which you will teach what you have learned in the closed training group. Constructive, professional feedback from the teachers and classmates will help you to refine your lessons and to find the right teaching style for you.

The number of participants is limited to 18 people to ensure that each participant receives the necessary personal attention and support.

The Sundays are at your leisure to explore the area and relax. Stroll to one of the many mountain lakes, climb mountain peaks or treat yourself to a leisurely break in the hammock. The sauna and the whirlpool which are in the outdoor area of the AlpenRetreat are at your disposal.

Training location
This 200-hour meditation and yoga teacher training takes place at the Yoga Resort AlpenRetreat in Tirol. In the middle of the Tyrolean Alps at 1212m above sea level, the nearly 500-year-old AlpenRetreat house is surrounded by wonderful mountains. Crystal clear mountain lakes, towering mountain peaks and numerous hikes and walks right outside the front door invite you to relax and unwind.

The AlpenRetreat is dedicated throughout the year to the lifestyle of yoga, spirituality, personal development and community. During the yoga teacher training there are no other guests in the house. Only the future teachers and the AlpenRetreat Team.

Vintage-Room-AlpenRetreat Rajastani-Room-AlpenRetreat Tibetan-Room-Alpen-Retreat Yoga-Resort-AlpenRetreat

The AlpenRetreat offers fresh tasty vegetarian and vegan food for you to enjoy. During your stay the AlpenRetreat team will prepare holistic and healthy meals for all participants. Dietary requirements, such as, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc. will be joyfully accommodated. All drinks and snacks are included.

The program includes:

  • Hatha YogaYoga-Lehrer-Ausbildung-Österreich-AlpenRetreat
    • Asana
    • Pranayama
    • Surya Namaskar
    • Bhanda
    • Mudra
    • Trataka
    • Mauna
  • Chakra Yoga & Yoga of the ElementsYoga-Lehrer-Jan
    • Chakra Theorie
    • Chakra Praxis
    • The power of the elements
  • Tantra Yoga
    • Yagna (fire ceremony)
    • Yantra (sacred geometry)
    • Mantra
    • Japa
    • Purification KriyasYoga-Hall-TTC
    • Kundalini practice
  • Meditation
    • Breath/Silent meditation
    • Japa/Mantra meditation
    • Influences of the Kriya Yoga meditation
    • Guided Meditation
    • Music Meditation
    • Influences of the Vipassana meditationMeditation-Yoga-Lehrer-Ausbildung
    • Self-inquiry
    • Walking meditation
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Heart meditation
    • Aum meditation
  • Yoga Philosophie & Theorie
    • The fundamental laws in Yoga
    • Patanjali Yoga SutrasAlpenRetreat-Yoga-Teacher-Training-Austria
    • Bhakti Yoga
    • Jnana Yoga
    • Karma Yoga
    • Raja Yoga
    • Bhagavat Gita
    • Advaita Vedanta
    • Chakra system
    • Kundalini energy
    • The five subtle bodiesHatha-Yoga-Fernpass-Tirol
    • The five Pranas
    • 10 Mahavidyas
    • Polarity of energy
    • The human energy system
    • Spirituality and sexuality
    • The power of Mantras
    • Asana theorie and correction
    • The inner and outer Guru
    • Yoga of the 5 elementsHatha-Yoga-Teacher-Training-Course
    • etc.
  • Psycological & spiritual self-inquiry
    • Traumas of childhood
    • Recognising of our protective mechanisms
    • Habbits
    • Higher self and the ego
    • Repetative patterns
    • Self-acceptance
    • Setting goals and progressing towards the higher-selfShiva-Alpen-Retreat
  • Group activities
    • Kirtan
    • Dance
    • Silent walks/hikes
    • Evenings in the Tipi
    • Om healing circle
  • Teaching methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Practicums

Alpen-Retreat-Yoga-TeachersThe teachers
The teaching team of the AlpenRetreat TTC consist of 5 teachers who have had many years of experience in spiritual practice, guiding and leading courses, workshops and retreats. For more than 15 years, these 5 yogis have been fully committed to living the lifestyle of yoga, meditation, self-reflection, and community. On their way, they have learned and practiced with many teachers and masters in India, Thailand and Mexico and can pass on their knowledge and experience with a very genuine authenticity.

At the beginning of 2012 they came together and realized their dream of having their own Retreat centre. They opened the AlpenRetreat at 1212m above sea level in the Tyrolean mountains a couple of months later.

This TTC is a very special synthesis of all their years practicing, learning and teaching yoga and the AlpenRetreat itself which in a unique way was created exactly for this purpose of sharing, teaching and spreading the wisdom of yoga.

“This TTC and the AlpenRetreat house itself is a real labour of love for us and one which we are very happy to be able to offer to you.”

Yoga-Teacher-Wolfgang-Eisenbeutl-AlpenRetreatWolfgang Eisenbeutl
Wolfgang first came into contact with the yoga tradition as he travelled in 2001, at the age of 17 years, with Jan Tomas (co-founder of the AlpenRetreat) to India. This has greatly expanded his horizons, though it was not yet the time to start with the practice of yoga and spirituality.

2007 Wolfgang started with intensive yoga practice in Thailand and India and has since then devoted his life to the study, practice and integration of the spiritual sciences. The practice of Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and various meditation techniques fascinated him deeply and started him on the quest for “more”.In 2008 he was initiated into the Kriya Yoga tradition by the master Shankaranda Giri. At this point Wolfgang realized the first time the importance and significance of a spiritual teacher and introduced the role of a guru into his life. Kriya Yoga meditation was his main practice in the coming years. Since then, the native Tyrolean spent several years in India, Thailand, Nepal Latin- and South America to study yoga and meditation. He spent much time in spiritual schools, ashrams and monasteries and participated in retreats and courses of several traditions. Great masters like Prem Baba and Guruji Rajkumar Baswar had and still have great influence on his spiritual path. 2010 Wolfgang completed his 500 hour training to become an internationally certified yoga teacher.

In 2011 he had the opportunity to dive deeply into the teaching of yoga and meditation. During this time he managed the Yoga school “El Corazon” and the eco – retreat centre “Tierra Verde” in Mazunte – Mexico. In 2012, he returned to his roots in Tyrol and founded together with 3 friends the Yoga Resort AlpenRetreat.

Spiritual singing and music is one of his great passions and is a major influence in his teachings as well as his personal experiences in various traditions such as Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Hridaya Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, psycho-spiritual work and shamanism. As a certified nursing assistants he brings a holistic understanding of health and healing that takes into account both Western medicine and alternative healing methods. Wolfgang learned Reiki and massage in Thailand and uses these skills in his intuitive treatments which he offers at the AlpenRetreat.

“Yoga is a way of living and goes far beyond the practice on the yoga mat! Yoga is Life…”

Yoga-Teacher-Elly-Eisenbeutl-AlpenRetreatElly Eisenbeutl 
Elly started her spiritual work by training in massage and healing when she was in her late teens, her first Teacher Training in Yoga was with the Sivananada school in Kerala India in 2003.

A year later she found the Agama yoga school where she spent the next 7 years completing the entire 24 level programme and 2 years personal practice, at the same time she taught at the school and then went on to manage the teaching department of the school which at that point had grown to having 100’s of students and a very large number of teachers on Koh Phangan, an Island in Thailand where the main headquarters of the school is. She stayed with this school for quite a long time because she found much of the knowledge and practices very effective, there was always something missing for her, this being more of a heart connection, a connection she had always felt more naturally when she was in India. During the years of studying, teaching and practicing the type of Hatha yoga that Agama teaches, which takes much of it’s inspiration from Kashmir Shaivism, Tibetan Buddhism and the classical yogic texts, she would visit India regularly to receive teachings and be in the presence of enlightened beings including the Dalai Lama, Amma and others. In these years she did many different types of meditation retreats and took initiations for both Yoga and Buddhist practices, some include; Vipassana – Goenka and Chumtong style, Hridaya with Sahajananda, Tushita, Kriya yoga and many others. She would go to Satsangs and look for the most profound and deep practices she could find and visit many spiritually charged places.

In 2010 while on a trip to India she met her Guru Prem Baba in an Ashram in Rishikesh, a place she’d visited for some years. He is a Brazilian Master and for her it was a very clear difference in the connection with him to all the other teachers she has had in her life. In that same year she also went to see Raj Kumar Baswar (known as ‘Guruj’) for the first time, many friends had spoken of the Sadhana and healing work they had done with him but until that point she hadn’t felt the call to meet him. From this time, things began to change very rapidly in Ellys life and in the years since meeting them both there has been a very strong journey of revelation through their work. Since meeting them, there has been no more ‘searching’ for teachers or other techniques, even though she still enjoys to receive other inspirations or experiences from teachers such as Mooji, Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru with a huge gratitude, her path is more clearly marked out with the very different and on-going work with both Prem Baba and Guruj.

From 2012 she has been living at the Alpenretreat and is able to share in many ways the rich and varied influences that have led her on her spiritual journey. The most fulfilling for her is through teaching Yoga, giving massage/healing and helping to lead Bhajan (devotional singing) circles. The whole process of living in this spiritual community is bringing a richness to her life, where she is able to share and learn from the huge variation of people and teachings that pass through this very special place.

Yoga-Teacher-Jan-Tomas-AlpenRetreatJan Tomas 
Jan spent his early educational years studying Information Technology (IT).  Being born in the Austrian Alps he later developed as a ski and snowboard instructor which fulfilled his adventurous and nature loving spirit. Following an injury to his spine Jan was inspired to search for a holistic healing modality. It was through this search he discovered the vast wisdom of Yoga. In the beginning Jan was mostly focused to discover a way to heal his spine and following 3-4 years of dedicated practice he eventually healed the issue to a miraculous degree.

This personal experience of self healing deepened his understanding and confidence regarding the possibilities of healing with Yoga techniques, concentration and self suggestion. From this experience he gained competent knowledge to help advice participants who have a wide range of physical challenges.

Jan’s journey on the yoga path began in 2003 with doing daily Hatha yoga on his own. In 2005 he completed his first intensive yoga course with Agama yoga in Thailand. Within the next 4 years he studied more than 700 hours of courses and trainings in Yoga related subjects and practices. Since then he has travelled to Asia almost every year to deepen his studies in Yoga, meditation and his overall spiritual development.

In the year 2006 Jan was initiated by Swami Shankarananda Giri into the Kriya Yoga tradition, a system passed down from a great linage of masters including Sri Yukteshwar. He practiced this technique daily for a few years and through this he discovered the inner stillness and silence of meditation.

Since the year 2009 Jan participated in a number of Buddhist Vipassana courses from the Satipatthana tradition. He also participated in intensive retreats with the emphasis on Psycho-spiritual analysis (to help identify and purify the lower tendencies of the mind). This particular work is taught under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba, a Vedic and shamanic Master from the Saccha linage.

For over 5 years Jan’s main spiritual practice has been dedicated to Tantra and Kundalini under the guidance of Sri Guruji Rajkumar Baswar, a true master of white tantra who uses the practices of mantra, yantra, yagna (fire ceremonies) and various other techniques to purify the energetic bodies which brings positive and fundamental changes to the spiritual energy of the practitioner.

After many years of practice and retreats in ashrams, monasteries and retreat centres Jan has dove deeper and deeper into the world of meditation and developed a profound understanding of the mind, psyche and a sincere self reflection.

Since 2009 he developed his own unique yoga courses which he teaches in the local area, inspiring like minded people to support their growth and success in their own practises.

In Feb 2012 Jan returned to Austria and together with his sister Beatrice, her husband Fraser and his best friend Wolfgang, together they founded the Yogaresort AlpenRetreat on the Fernpass in Tyrol.

In the last years he made courses in Imst, Reutte, Weißenbach, Ehrwald, the Lech Valley and in the Tannheim Valley and inspired many people to practice yoga and integrate the yoga philosophy into their daily lives.

Yoga-Teacher-Fraser-Williams-AlpenRetreatFraser Williams 
Fraseris practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 2002.  He was born in Scotland and after studying computer programming at University and working as a stage technician in the Scottish Opera; his life took a significant turning point after visiting India at the age of 21. 

For over four years he seasonally sat in satsang with Muktananada from the Sivananda linage, and felt a deep connection to this authentic linage of masters. From an early spiritual age he committed his life to truth and the path of self realisation. Fraser studied for a further four years studying various teachings from Hatha and Kundalini yoga and naturally developed as a Yoga instructor through his teacher’s guidance and his dedication to his own spiritual practice. This led Fraser to seek out various Yogic communities worldwide and offer his skills as a yoga teacher and renovator of old buildings. He later managed various yoga schools in different countries including New Zealand, India and Northern Thailand. These overall experiences have accumulated to make Fraser a valuable member of the Alpen Team here in Austria.

Fraser continues his own spiritual development with the guidance of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar and Prem Baba and through the teachings of SadGuru. He annually visits India on pilgrimages to sacred sites and to be in the presence of his teachers. 

In Fraser’s spare time when he is not meditating or organising and implementing tasks in the Alpen Retreat, he likes to snow board, read books and have tranquil time in the nature.

“There are not many people in life who i can say i authentically trust both personally and professionally. In the 11 years i have known Fraser i have found him to be one of the sweetest, dedicated and most integral Yogis i have ever met. “ – Ra Lalita Dasi, Founder of Satya Loka school 

Yoga-Teacher-Beatrice-Williams-AlpenRetreatBeatrice Williams 
Beatrice grew up in the beautiful Austrian Alps. During her school days and throughout university she worked as an outdoor guide and in team development training.

From a young age, she had an intuitive sense of a deeper level of life. She studied various esoteric traditions until she discovered yoga in India in 1999.

She participated in an intensive yoga program and during the first 3 weeks of her yoga experience she was able to rid of pain after seven years from a vertebral injury. This strengthened her enthusiasm to share this ancient wisdom with others. She continued her studies in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for several years and later received various initiations and practices from various yoga traditions such as Kriya Yoga, Isha Yoga, Prem Baba and the tantric practices of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar.

Beatrice began teaching yoga in January 2006 and later taught in and managed various yoga centers worldwide, simultaneously implementing her specific skills in team development.  Among other things she now teaches Kriya Hatha Yoga and inspires her students with her contagious dedication and ability to reveal the truth.

Beatrice has a degree in photography and has many years of experience as a self-employed photographer. She has a large collection of pictures from her annual pilgrimages to Asia, beautifully distributed in the AlpenRetreat house. Along with her lifelong love for outdoor sports and nature, Beatrice has brought her wealth of life experience to Austria to create a spiritual home for visitors and family in the Tyrolean Alps.

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Event: 200h Meditation- and Yoga teacher training at the AlpenRetreat Tirol (internationally certified– Yoga Alliance)
Date: 12/09/2021 - 10/10/2021 - Arrival starting 4:00 PM, Departure till 12:00 PM
Course language: English
single room*: € 3.300,- per person (Including accommodation, full board and course fee.)
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How to find us

- 30min drive from the German border, 1 ½ hr from Italy and 1 hr from Switzerland to the AlpenRetreat on the Tyrolean Fernpass
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- bus connections from the surrounding cities directly to our doorstep
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- airport pick up and drop off is possible (a fee will apply)


By Car

Located on the Tyrolean Fernpass, in the north-west of Austria, close to the German border the AlpenRetreat is easily reached via the Fernpassstrasse B179 (E532).
At the top of the Fernpass (Fernpasshöhe) there is a petrol station named "Dolle". Opposite of it on the other side of the street is a roadside restaurant (Fernpaß Rast), a red building, and a big yellow building (the former Fernpass hotel). Follow the small street between the restaurant and the yellow house for about 200m and you have reached the AlpenRetreat.

Places connected by the Fernpassstraße
Füssen – Reutte – Heiterwang – Lermooser Tunnel – Fernpass (AlpenRetreat) – Nassereith. At the border-tunnel in Füssen the Fernpassstrasse connects with the federal highway 310 and the A 7. In Nassereith it merges into the B 189 along the Inntal (Inn valley) in direction south-east towards Telfs and in south-west direction towards Imst.

In winter it is compulsory in Austria to have winter tires on your car. Although the Fernpassstrasse is well maintained and therefore easily accessible, sometimes the streets can still be covered in snow. In exceptional cases snow chains may be required (very rarely). If you are coming with a rental car, make sure it is equipped with winter tires (the rental company is obliged to provide this).


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Time tables and ticket reservation inside Tirol : www.vvt.at/en (closest bus stop to the AlpenRetreat is "Hotel Fernpasshöhe" or "Nassereith-Postplatz").
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AlpenRetreat Transfer- und Pick-up Service

Our pick up service is meant for arrivals where public transportation is not possible anymore. Please try to reach Lermoos, Nassereith or Imst on your own.

Train station Lermoos: 20€*
Bus station Nassereith-Postplatz: 20€*

*The prices are per direction (pick-up- or drop-off) per car. If more guests share a car, the costs are divided between them.


By Plane

Airport Innsbruck
Distance: 64 km
By car from the airport: aprox. 55min
By bus from the airport: Take the bus line F at the airport to the main train station in Innsbruck (Innsbrucker Hauptbahnhof), from there take the "Regionalbus" directly to the bus station "Nassereith Postplatz" or "Hotel Fernpasshöhe" aprox. 1 h 10 min. Time table on www.vvt.at/en
By train from Innsbruck: From "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" (main train station) to train station "Imst/Pitztal". Time table on www.oebb.at/en

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Take the bus to the Memmingen train station. From there you can take a train to Lermoos via Kempten and Reutte. Please check the time table on www.bahn.com/en

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By train from the airport: Go via train to Munich main train station (München Hauptbahnhof). From there take the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and onward to Lermoos or Ehrwald.