Tantric Meditation & Yoga Retreat – Maa Festival with Fraser Williams

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13/10/2015 - 21/10/2015 - Arrival starting 4:00 PM, Departure till 12:00 PM


9 days of guided Tantric Kundalini meditation from the Shakta tradition of India.


Everyone can join the course, if you have experience in meditation or not.


This main purpose of this course is to provide an introduction into the practice of meditation.

To simplify and clarify all the concepts, ideas and techniques we have regarding meditation and to gain an understanding that true meditation is not an outward experience of the mind but rather the enjoyment of our inner awareness.

We will use primarily Japa (mantra repetition) as our entry point to our meditation practice although elements of Vedanta (non dual teachings) will also be incorporated.

Japa Yoga is one of the most widely spread forms of yoga in India and Tibet. These traditions use some form of Japa Yoga as the base of their practice.  Japa Yoga consists of the repetition of different mantras. This induces specific state of meditation which will in turn lead to purification and more awareness.

The ‘Maa festival’ is a traditional Indian yogic celebration of Shakti (the universal principal as viewed as feminine) that occurs, according to the Indian tantric (non-sexual) tradition 4 times a year.

In the same way that the Solstice is considered to be a sign of the change of the seasons, these 4 Navratris are considered to be a time when a new cycle begins on the planet.

Alpenretreat in conjunction with our teacher in India celebrates the Maa-Festival, exactly during these changes in season.

In the Maa-Festival a yantra, a spiritual diagram made from earth, sprouting grains, urns and beads, which corresponds to the energy of the particular new cycle is created.

The combination of meditating during these auspicious times and in the presence of the Yantra, makes the meditation practice much more effective.

All these elements however, are just an aid to help us with the inner journey, which is the true purpose of this retreat.

The opening into presence or put differently, resting in the stillness within ourselves.

We will also have occasional evening programs such as yagna (fire ceremony) and kirtan (mantric singing).

Please bring with you a meditation blanket, preferably red and made out wool.


Typical Daily Program

0730           Wake up + shower

0800-0900 Meditation

0900           Breakfast

1100-1200 Meditation

1300           Lunch

1400           Free Time

1600           Hatha Yoga class

1730           Dinner

1900-2000 Meditation

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Event: Tantric Meditation & Yoga Retreat - Maa Festival with Fraser Williams
Date: 13/10/2015 - 21/10/2015 - Arrival starting 4:00 PM, Departure till 12:00 PM
Course language: English & German
Flexible price:450€ - 750€,-

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How to find us

- 30min drive from the German border, 1 ½ hr from Italy and 1 hr from Switzerland to the AlpenRetreat on the Tyrolean Fernpass
- airport Memmingen (München West) Within 1 hour 20min drive and Innsbruck airport within 50min drive, Munich airport 2 hr drive
- bus connections from the surrounding cities directly to our doorstep
- 5 train stations within 30 min drive: Lermoos, Imst/Pitztal, Garmisch-Patenkirchen and Reutte.
- airport pick up and drop off is possible (a fee will apply)


By Car

Located on the Tyrolean Fernpass, in the north-west of Austria, close to the German border the AlpenRetreat is easily reached via the Fernpassstrasse B179 (E532).
At the top of the Fernpass (Fernpasshöhe) there is a petrol station named "Dolle". Opposite of it on the other side of the street is a roadside restaurant (Fernpaß Rast), a red building, and a big yellow building (the former Fernpass hotel). Follow the small street between the restaurant and the yellow house for about 200m and you have reached the AlpenRetreat.

Places connected by the Fernpassstraße
Füssen – Reutte – Heiterwang – Lermooser Tunnel – Fernpass (AlpenRetreat) – Nassereith. At the border-tunnel in Füssen the Fernpassstrasse connects with the federal highway 310 and the A 7. In Nassereith it merges into the B 189 along the Inntal (Inn valley) in direction south-east towards Telfs and in south-west direction towards Imst.

In winter it is compulsory in Austria to have winter tires on your car. Although the Fernpassstrasse is well maintained and therefore easily accessible, sometimes the streets can still be covered in snow. In exceptional cases snow chains may be required (very rarely). If you are coming with a rental car, make sure it is equipped with winter tires (the rental company is obliged to provide this).


By Train

For train connections inside Austria please check www.oebb.at/en (closest train stations "Imst/Pitztal", "Lermoos", "Reutte")
For train connections from/to Germany please check www.bahn.com/en (closest train stations "Imst/Pitztal", "Lermoos", "Reutte")


By Bus

Time tables and ticket reservation inside Tirol : www.vvt.at/en (closest bus stop to the AlpenRetreat is "Hotel Fernpasshöhe" or "Nassereith-Postplatz").
Time tables and ticket reservation from/to Munich: www.meinfernbus.de/en (closest bus stop is train station "Garmisch/Partenkirchen")


AlpenRetreat Transfer- und Pick-up Service

Our pick up service is meant for arrivals where public transportation is not possible anymore. Please try to reach Lermoos, Nassereith or Imst on your own.

Train station Lermoos: 20€*
Bus station Nassereith-Postplatz: 20€*

*The prices are per direction (pick-up- or drop-off) per car. If more guests share a car, the costs are divided between them.


By Plane

Airport Innsbruck
Distance: 64 km
By car from the airport: aprox. 55min
By bus from the airport: Take the bus line F at the airport to the main train station in Innsbruck (Innsbrucker Hauptbahnhof), from there take the "Regionalbus" directly to the bus station "Nassereith Postplatz" or "Hotel Fernpasshöhe" aprox. 1 h 10 min. Time table on www.vvt.at/en
By train from Innsbruck: From "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" (main train station) to train station "Imst/Pitztal". Time table on www.oebb.at/en

Airport Memmingen
Distance: 118 km
By car from the Airport: aprox. 1h 20min
Take the bus to the Memmingen train station. From there you can take a train to Lermoos via Kempten and Reutte. Please check the time table on www.bahn.com/en

Airport Munich
Distance: 161 km
By car from the airport: aprox. 55min
By bus from the airport: You can get on www.meinfernbus.de/en (big green bus) directly at the terminal.  It goes to Garmisch-Partenkirchen train station. From there you can take the train to Lermoos or
Bus ticket and time table on www.meinfernbus.de/en
By train from the airport: Go via train to Munich main train station (München Hauptbahnhof). From there take the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and onward to Lermoos or Ehrwald.