Fraser Williams

Fraser Williams is practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 2002.  He was born in Scotland and after studying computer programming at University and working as a stage technician in the Scottish Opera; his life took a significant turning point after visiting India at the age of 21. 

For over four years he seasonally sat in satsang with Muktananada from the Sivananda linage, and felt a deep connection to this authentic linage of masters. From an early spiritual age he committed his life to truth and the path of self realisation. Fraser studied for a further four years studying various teachings from Hatha and Kundalini yoga and naturally developed as a Yoga instructor through his teacher’s guidance and his dedication to his own spiritual practice. This led Fraser to seek out various Yogic communities worldwide and offer his skills as a yoga teacher and renovator of old buildings. He later managed various yoga schools in different countries including New Zealand, India and Northern Thailand. These overall experiences have accumulated to make Fraser a valuable member of the Alpen Team here in Austria.

Fraser continues his own spiritual development with the guidance of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar and Prem Baba and through the teachings of SadGuru. He annually visits India on pilgrimages to sacred sites and to be in the presence of his teachers. 

In Fraser’s spare time when he is not meditating or organising and implementing tasks in the Alpen Retreat, he likes to snow board, read books and have tranquil time in the nature.

There are not many people in life who i can say i authentically trust both personally and professionally. In the 11 years i have known Fraser i have found him to be one of the sweetest, dedicated and most integral Yogis i have ever met. “ – Ra Lalita Dasi, Founder of Satya Loka school