Om Baba – Vedic Meditation Retreat

Oginally born in Greece, Om Baba feels his life began on a blessed day in November of 2002, when he met his Master, the great sage Shri Saccha Baba Maharaj.

He describes that experience as: “That Supreme Self, that cannot be seen by the eyes and cannot be grasped by the intellect, took a human form of indescribable beauty, and appeared before me in order to guide me back om baba3to Him.”

Shortly after the meeting with his Master, Om Baba, realizing the meaningless, evanescent nature of the world, cut off all bonds with his past life, and dedicated himself, body, mind and spirit to the quest for Truth. Saccha Baba initiated him in the order of Sannyasins, and asked him to embrace a silent and reclusive life.

For seven years he stayed in silence and seclusion and being free from all distractions he dived deeply in the traditional yogic practices and in the study of the scriptures. He practiced with great enthusiasm and sincerity the four main paths of Yoga; Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Ghyan Yoga and reached to the certain conclusion that all these paths are “genuine highways to the Truth”.

After nine years of intense practice and service to his Master, Om Baba felt that his time of seclusion has been completed, and the time to share his realization is dawning. The great Saccha Baba inspired him to do so and blessed him. A little time after, the great sage left His mortal frame.

Since then (2011) Om Baba has been travelling extensively to Europe and Asia, sharing Satsangs and Kirtans, and organizing the Vedic Sadhana and the Advaita Retreats.

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Having grown in the Vedic environment of his Guru’s Ashram in Rishikesh, India, and having studied many different spiritual paths, his teachings are not limited to a specific religion, or creed, but are rather inspired by the “golden synthesis” that all great masters have followed, i.e. Love and Knowledge.

He teaches that Knowledge of God(Ghyana) and Devotion to God (Bhakti) are like the two wings of the bird of Happiness. If any of the two are missing, the bird will be, like a cripple, unable to fly.

His vision is “not to change the one dream into another, but to fully wake up from sleep”.

Om Baba meditationIn this manner he teaches that realization of our true Self, is the one and only way to be free from the pains of the world. And that realization is not the privilege of a few “chosen ones”, but the birthright of all human beings.

Although a master of Advaita Vedanta, he gives great emphasis to the necessity for spiritual practice, urging the seekers to dedicate a minimum of two hours per day to their Sadhana. He teaches: “The daily practice is more important than brushing your teeth! You can skip brushing your teeth or washing your body, or taking food, but in no case your spiritual practice! Taking breakfast without having worshipped the Supreme Being for a minimum of one hour, is bad Karma for the seeker of Truth!”

In the Vedic Sadhana Retreats he teaches many different traditional practices and inspires the seekers to incorporate one or the other in his/her everyday life. While in the Advaita Retreats he focuses in the discovery and recognition of our true, blissful Being.

He himself, ever dedicated to the service of all those who thirst for the Truth, he travels around the world and happily shares the invaluable gift of Knowledge so gracefully offered  to him by his beloved Master, the great sage Shri Saccha Baba Maharaj.

Om Baba

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti