Wolfgang Eisenbeutl

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWolfgang first came into contact with the yoga tradition as he travelled in 2001, at the age of 17 years, with Jan Tomas (co-founder of the AlpenRetreat) to India. This has greatly expanded his horizons, though it was not yet the time to start with the practice of yoga and spirituality.

2007 Wolfgang started with intensive yoga practice inspired by the Agama Yoga school in Thailand and has since then devoted his life to the study, practice and integration of the spiritual sciences. The practice of Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and various meditation techniques fascinated him deeply and started him on the quest for “more”.yagna

In 2008 he was initiated into the Kriya Yoga tradition by the master Shankaranda Giri. At this point Wolfgang realized the first time the importance and significance of a spiritual teacher and introduced the role of a guru into his life. Kriya Yoga meditation was his main practice in the coming years. Since then, the native Tyrolean spent several years in India, Thailand, Nepal Latin- and South America to study yoga and meditation. He spent much time in spiritual schools, ashrams and monasteries and participated in retreats and courses of several traditions. Great masters like Prem Baba and Guruji Rajkumar Baswar had and still have great influence on his spiritual path. 2010 Wolfgang completed his 500 hour training at the Agama Yoga school in Thailand to become an internationally certified yoga teacher.

In 2011 he had the opportunity to dive deeply into the teaching of yoga and meditation. During this time he managed the Yoga school “El Corazon” and the eco – retreat centre “Tierra Verde” in Mazunte – Mexico. In 2012, he returned to his roots in Tyrol and founded together with 3 friends the Yoga Resort AlpenRetreat._DSC5792

Spiritual singing and music is one of his great passions and is a major influence in his teachings as well as his personal experiences in various traditions such as Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Hridaya Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, psycho-spiritual work and shamanism. As a certified nursing assistants he brings a holistic understanding of health and healing that takes into account both Western medicine and alternative healing methods. Wolfgang learned Reiki and massage in Thailand and uses these skills in his intuitive treatments which he offers at the AlpenRetreat.

“Yoga is a way of living and goes far beyond the practice on the yoga mat! Yoga is Life…”