5 surprising facts about Energy Healing

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While many believe in more of a scientific way of doing things, there’s value in a holistic approach. Holistics help you break through the energy blocks to help your body heal more efficiently. Here are five facts to know about energy healing.

Energy Healing Is Science-Based
Of course, there’s a lot of natural vibrations to energy healing, but science is the foundation. The key to energy healing is molecular structure. Humans have unique vibrations, which you can feel.

For example, a room with people arguing may stir up dark energy. Going to the beach, hearing the calm waves, and feeling the breeze can help give you an energy boost.

Everyone Can Benefit From It
Whether you’re a spiritual or scientific person, you can benefit from energy healing. Also, you can do it at your own pace. Whether it’s a weekly session or you go there for stress relief, it’s a great alternative to other forms of therapy.

Some days you might feel drained or upset about something, and you need the right thing to rejuvenate your soul. An energy healer can help you awaken your body for better relaxation.

Even if you feel good, you can always get better with a quality session.

It’s Been Around for Centuries
Energy healing isn’t a new concept. You can trace Reiki energy healing back to the early 20th century. There’s ancient Hindu text from centuries ago that deal with seven types of chakra (energy) and how applies to the body.

Acupuncture comes from the Chinese and focuses on meridians, which are gateways of the human body. Massaging specific pressure points can also increase the flow of energy in the body.

Various Types of Energy Healing
When you’re searching for an energy healer, they may work at a yoga studio or a chiropractor. While there are different styles of energy healing, here are a few of the common ones you may experience:

Reflexology: frees up blocked energy and can help you heal through stimulating pressure points in your feet, hands, and ears.
Massages: releases tension in the body by relaxing your muscles and joints.
Acupuncture: uses needles for better energy flow and stimulation.

Find a reputable energy heal who can help you unlock your positive vibrations to make your body feel better.

You Can Maintain Energy Levels at Home
Just like you wash your face, brush your teeth, and floss, you can make your energy practice a 20-minute session each day. After visiting your energy healer, you can begin uplifting yourself by taking a bath with your favorite salts and crystals.

When you feel the negative vibes starting to creep up on you again, take yourself to a place where you can get rid of it. Good vibes can help you reduce your stress levels and put you in the ideal energy environment.

Whether you see an energy healer or find a method at home, it helps you boost your vitality and overall outlook on the world. Here are some other ways to help you clean up your energy at home.

Doing a Cleanse
Sometimes a massage or hitting specific pressure points isn’t enough. You might need to work from the inside to the outside. Over time, we may develop harmful chemicals in the body that lead to feeling sick or pain in the body.

You can help rectify this by going on a juice or water cleanse to get rid of the toxins in your body. You’ll be able to clean up your body and help clear your mind. It works for your overall wellness on a deeper level.

Additionally, you’ll give your body a break from all the things you’ve been eating that hurt the system.

One of the best ways to awaken your energy is by doing regular meditation. Whether it’s in the morning before you start work or you like to do it in the evening, it can help you soothe your mind and body. It awakens the chakra in you to help you focus and create a better flow.

When you can clear your head of negative thoughts, it makes it easier to think about the beautiful things in your life or the moment. It’ll create a better energy transfer that can help you heal your body each day.

Bring in Sunlight
If your home doesn’t have a lot of light, it’s good to renovate it in a way that lets in more light. Maybe you can have the windows open early in the day to feel the warmth that the sun brings. Also, you can enjoy the natural light to feel more at ease.

Even sitting on your porch can feel therapeutic and give you a small getaway from a busy house. Choose an alternative wellness method that can help you get more out of your life.

written by Janine Pichetterik