• The Listening Voice The Listening Voice

    The Listening Voice

    06.09.23 - 10.09.23

    with Katya Barton

Voice, Sound and Silence in the Austrian Alps

The 5-day voice retreats are for those who wish to explore their voice and body as a tool for releasing stagnant energies and connecting to their unique creative expression. You do not need any previous vocal experience to apply. 

When the voice is allowed to move freely without judgment what is experienced is a deep remembering of Self. The Self that existed before the conditioning, before the habitual patterns and expectations of what ‘should’ be. Connecting to your true voice is not about expressing the perfect sound. It is to remember and listen to parts of yourself that have perhaps been hidden. Will you give yourself permission to sound with your grief, your rage, your joy? Freedom comes when there is no resistance or tension in the flow of your voice through the vessel of your body.

    Through deep voice and embodiment work we will listen to the sound of our breath, our bones, our blood, our tissues. We awaken our senses by listening to the group sound that wants to move through us. And from there we begin our collective Listening. The focus of the work is deep listening to the truest expression of yourself in the moment through voice.

    “Katya's teaching is unlike any other I have experienced. I was especially struck by the embodied presence with which she holds the space and those in it. I felt safe to open myself up and explore; I trusted her. She listens deeply and on many levels with the rare ability to respond to individual and group dynamics in the moment, knowing instinctively what is needed for energies to move and shift. I couldn't recommend her more.” - Jody White, Author

      Daily Schedule

      (subject to change)

      Wednesday - Arrival Day
      4.00pm Arrival at the AlpenRetreat
      5.00pm Opening Circle
      6.00pm Dinner
      8.00pm Evening Session

      Thursday - Saturday
      7:30am - 8:30am Morning Practice 
      8:30am - 9:45am Breakfast 
      10:00am - 1.00pm Morning session 
      1.00pm - 3.00pm Lunch 
      3.00pm - 6.00pm Afternoon session 
      6.00pm - 8.00pm Dinner 
      8.00pm - 10.00pm Evening session (optional) 

      Sunday - Departure Day
      7:30am - 8:30am Morning Practice 
      8:30am - 9:45am Breakfast 
      10:00am - 11.00am Closing Circle
      12.00pm Departure from the AlpenRetreat

        Connect to your natural breath. Movement practices to draw you into presence. You identify the places of tension.

        Vocal exploration of diversity and uniqueness of your individual and collective voice. You connect to the essential voice. ‘How does my voice want to move through me?’

        Stored emotions, limiting beliefs, stagnation and tensions can be released through the expression of your voice. You reclaim your creative expression.

        Breath, silence, sound. You allow the body to reorganize itself and experience a state of full body surrender in improvisational choir.

        Outside of the sessions we will be in silence from the second day until the last day

        About the Teacher

        I am Katya Barton. I am in service to guiding individuals to reclaiming their authentic voice and reminding the body of its natural capacity for release, healing and integration. Birthed from a deeply personal experience of freeing my own voice and expression, I discovered how to return home to my body. All the work I do is rooted in an embodied and non-judgemental approach to listening to where and how energies are asking to move.

        The practices are an invitation back to listening so that you, your witnessing presence and the nature of your body can take agency. To trust the moment means to be in a deep and intimate relationship with what the moment wants to reveal through you. To the deep embodied understanding that what shows itself is exactly what you need and developing a level of self-trust in your own experience. In order to come back to your sovereign right to choose, you first remember the place in you that is your guiding source. So you can become fiercely responsible for what you create here. I do not believe there is a right or wrong way to express the complexities of our inner world. When we enquire we enquire together, with curiosity as our guide and voice and body as our teacher.

        Preise für Unterkunft & Verpflegung


        € 444,- je Person (inkl. vegetarischer Vollpension & Kurtaxe)

        Geteiltes Doppelzimmer:

        € 344,- je Person (inkl. vegetarischer Vollpension & Kurtaxe)

        Geteiltes Dreibettzimmer:

        € 304,- je Person (inkl. vegetarischer Vollpension & Kurtaxe)

        • Zimmerpreise sind, vor Kursbeginn, per Banküberweisung, an das AlpenRetreat zu bezahlen  

        Preise für den Kursunterricht

        Kursgebühr :

        € 300,- je Person

        • Kosten für den Kursunterricht sind vor Ort in Bar, an den Kursleiter zu bezahlen


        Die beste Zeit für An- und Abreise

        Anreise: ab 16:00 Uhr am Tag des Kursbeginns
        Bitte versuche Zeitnah anzureisen damit das Kursprogramm zur geplanten Zeit starten kann!

        Abreise: bis 12:00 Uhr am letzten Tag des Kurses

        Für Informationen zu Transportmöglichkeiten, Shuttleservice und Routenplanung, besuche unsere Kontakt-Seite.


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        The Listening Voice : Voice, Sound and Silence
        06.09.2023  -  10.09.2023
        ab 604€

        Through deep voice and embodiment work we will listen to the sound of our breath, our bones, our blood, our tissues. We awaken our senses by listening to the group sound that wants to move through us.